Simple Tab Help
The Simple tab is used to provide basic search capability. If two or more words are entered in the search condition only files that contain all the words are returned.
Drop-Down Lists
Depending upon your system configuration, the following drop down lists may be present on search screen:
Category - The category drop-down allows you to limit your search to specific categories set up by the system administrator. The default category selection is 'All Categories'; the other categories are defined by the system administrator. This drop-down will not be present if there are no administrator defined categories.
Document Type - The default values for this drop-down are 'All', 'Drawing' and 'Documents'. Use this to select the types of files you would like displayed in the search results. For DrawingSearcher Silver installations this drop-down will not be present as the documents indexing option is only available with DrawingSearcher Gold.
Results Template - The default values for this drop-down are 'Preview', 'List' and 'Standard'. This drop- down controls the appearance of the search results. As the results templates are customizable, the actual values that appear on your drop-down may differ from the defaults.